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Our Mission

Ancient Amazons is a contemporary online store. We bring carefully curated women’s clothing and accessories from established and emerging European designers to your doorstep.

Rooted in Ancient History

In Greek mythology, the Amazons were a tribe of female warriors who lived in isolation beyond the reaches of mankind. The Amazons were known for their courage in battle as well as their private, yet thriving, culture.

The Amazons may be an ancient myth, but their spirit and courage lives on in modern-day women. They are our teachers, coworkers, mothers, sisters, friends—the women who teach us to fight for our dreams. These women have shaped who we were, who we are, and who we hope to be.

Who is the Amazon in your life?

The Intersection of Fashion, Femininity, & Functionality

Our pieces are carefully selected to suit the needs of the modern-day woman. She is busy, yet composed. She is collected, yet comfortable. She is driven, yet relaxed. She is sexy, but she is even smarter. She can go from meeting with executives to meeting with friends without stopping at home for an outfit change. She could rewind or fast-forward 20 years, and her outfit would still be on-point. Her style is both beautiful and functional.

These carefully curated pieces are not designed to change who you are. They are intended to strengthen your existing self-confidence and help you enhance your natural beauty. Our clothes are not something you hide behind; they are pieces that celebrate your individuality and personality.

Each of our pieces is carefully selected to:

  • Save you time: Our clothing and accessories are easy-to-wear and highly versatile, so you don’t have to overthink putting together an outfit. In most cases, you can come up with a great look in just five minutes.
  • Save you money: Because our pieces are designed to last forever, you can save money in the long run.
  • Save the planet: By reusing your favorite pieces rather than purchasing low-quality, disposable clothing, you can reduce waste and lessen your footprint on our planet.  

When selecting a piece to add to our collection, we only select items that we believe are:

  • Comfortable: We want you to move about your day without restrictions.
  • Timeless: We are not fans of “fast fashion” or mainstream fads.
  • Feminine: Our clothing is carefully selected to complement your natural beauty.
  • Versatile: Our pieces are easy to combine with anything in your wardrobe.
  • Special: Each piece is one-of-a-kind. It reflects the authentic spirit of European design. Its intricate details are unique and not ruled by fast fashion.

By adding these pieces to your wardrobe, you’ll have a distinguished look that helps you stand out as a confident woman with great style day after day.

Look Good & Feel Good—Inside & Out

When you partner with Ancient Amazons, you can feel good about the impact you have on a local and global scale.

We work with many independent designers, so you can help a small business grow in a challenging landscape filled with large corporations and fast fashion. Our network of designers are well-established and socially responsible, providing their employees with fair wages, safe working environments, and abundant growth opportunities. Wherever possible, we also try to work with designers who use sustainable materials and participate in environmentally-conscious manufacturing processes.

In addition to holding others accountable, we try to do our part. Our pieces are high-quality, so you won’t have to worry about throwing them out after a few uses. We also use biodegradable packaging. Although we can’t call ourselves a 100 percent sustainable brand (yet), we are working towards that title.

Meet the Mother of Ancient Amazons

My name is Amaia. I am a native of Spain, but I am currently based in San Diego.

I was passionate about fashion since I was a kid. After studying business and fashion, I came to the U.S. with a dream to work in the fashion industry. I was disappointed to learn that the fashion industry was motivated by short-term financial gain and that it was alarmingly over-saturated, leaving very little room for people with big, worthwhile ideas.

With no opportunities in sight for fresh fashion students like myself, I had to create my own opportunity to create, collaborate, and reinvigorate my generation’s idea of fashion.



Ancient Amazons